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ATR Customs specializes in utilizing various types of lumber, upcycled materials and locally sourced hardwoods to handcraft custom furniture that will last for years to come. 

By far, most of the work we do is specifically commissioned by clients looking for something they could never find in stores. We encourage our clients to never be bashful in desiring exactly what they want. With our design solutions, we aim to seamlessly merge the concepts of art and function.


Our Story:

home bar builder

Andrew is a two-time graduate of Morgan State University with a B.S in Marketing and Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Aside from custom furniture making, Andrew is a business consultant and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Andrew works closely with athletes at all levels, across multiple sports, to help better their athletic performance in their respective sport.

Raised in Edgewood, Maryland, Andrew grew up heavily entrenched in many forms of Art, including music, digital media, mechanical as well as Athletic. After suffering a career threatening injury while attending Morgan State University, his athletic career progressively came into a state of limbo. Looking for ways to pass the time during a stint of rehab, Andrew delved into his artistic and dexterous roots and began creating. With limited funds, resources and specific experience, he took to wood carving. Out of his efforts, Above the Reason Customs was birthed. Fast-forward to present day and Andrew is as committed as ever by the challenge of consistently delivering striking woodwork.

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